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Video for social media engagement…

We offer affordable 30 seconds promo videos for those of you looking for your first introduction into promotional content. We had the pleasure of working with local designer Jess Davis to highlight her amazing bespoke handmade bags at Jay Davis Bags. This is a great example of the 30 seconds of magic we can make for your business.

Here’s what Jess had to say about her experience and the feedback she’s gotten from her Instagram followers….

“As my business continues to grow, I'm always looking for different ways to promote Jay Davis Bags. With the majority of social media users directly going to video and stories first, I knew it was time to hire someone to capture my brand in video. I'm absolutely thrilled with the final product! Not only have I used this short film for social media, but I've added it to my site and I use this for all other marketing purposes too! And the amount of positive feedback I've received from followers was overwhelmingly wonderful! THANK YOU Erin & Zach!!!” - Jess Davis